3 Bonus – STOP or GO : Binary ALPHA – Logic 1

3 Bonus Trade Key 1In this image left you can see the blue trend line blow the price candles min the trend is UP. in this position KAZi HL Break a candle is a Flag candle so in the very next candle is your 1st entry for 60 SEC and its a winner 2nd is also a winner and 3rd is also a winner. so by Key Number 1: you have to stop.

But if you still want to continue with the trend you must have mastered the next 6 Key : so you keep safe all the time. What i will explain below.

So if you get this type of setup you easily pocket 3 winner in a row. and if you start with a $1000 account size you have to start with $5 as you win the fast one your risk size is again $5 meaning you don’t have to grow your risk.

and if your broker give you 70% commission you will earn total $10.5 in just 3 minute of time. Where some people stand all day long for 3 win trade in Binary Options with other strategy !

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