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Season #4 Class Video Archive

Class #1 Season 4 Introduction Class Play
Class #2 Season 4 : iNdicator Setup Play
Class #3 Binary ALPHA BASIC  –Play
Class #4 How to take Bonus With Confident Play
Class #5 Understanding Trend Reversal –Play
Class #6 5th & in-5th logic Play
Class #7  7th Logic & in-7th Logic  Play
Class #8 How KAZi Keep doing Success in Binary OPTIONS Business Play
Class #9 X-Ray vision – Lawrence Season 4 Play
Class #10 How to take trade Log for KAZi Play
Class #11 SGC Control your Emo and Grow Play
Class #12 Q/A Review And Update Play
Class #13 Fake Push with 1hr Time Frame in 60 Second & Tension point  Play
Class #14 Reverse Engineering BA With Higher Time Play
Class #15 Market Structure  Play
Class #16 Act like Baby & Be Adult  Play
Class #17 Calculator BA -BY-Mangesh  Play
Class #18 Trade Review Season 4 – Part 1  Play
Class #19 Trade Review Season 4 – Part 2  Play
Class #20 Meeting with KAZi  Play

Season #3 Class Video Archive

Week #1
Class #1 Introduction Play
Class #2 Binary Options Essentials Play
Week #2
Class #3 Market Price Behavior & Patterns Play
Class #4 How to take Bonus in Proper Way Play
Class #5 How to Control Your Emotion on Bonus Play
Week #3
Class #6 Counting Level’s for Most Safe Trade’s Play
Class #7 Binary ALPHA X-Ray Vision Play
Class #8 Understanding 5th Logic Play
Class #9 Understanding 7th Logic Play
Class #10 Understanding D-Flag Valid/In-Valid Play
Week #4
Class #11 Student Under One Umbrella Play
Class #12 S3 Hangout #1 Play
Class #13 S3 Hangout #2 Play
Week #5
Class #14 Understanding Fake Push with Higher Time Frame Play
Class #15 How to do Reverse Engineering in Binary ALPHA Play
Class #16 S3 HangOut #3 Play
Week #6
Class #17 Split Risk Control Over Emotion Play
Class #18 Understanding Market Structure for Binary ALPHA Play
Week #7
Class #19 Improve Your BA Skill with Gap Risk Management Play
Class #20 Class 20 : Recap & Demo Test Play


Week #1    
Class #1 Introduction Season #2 Play
Class #2 Binary ALPHA Mt4 & Momentum Block Point Play
Class #3 Identify Flag Candle with momentum Play
Class #4 What is a Bonus Trade & Take it in a Safe Way Play
Week #2    
Class #5 Motivation & Steps to Learn Day 1&2 3&4 5 Play
Class #6 Student Under One Umbrella in a Transparent Way Play
Class #7 Binary ALPHA Level Counting & Higher Time Frame Play
Class #8 D-Flag Valid & Invalid Play
Class #9 Fibo for Potential Levels and hidden Flag Play
Week #3    
Class #10 5th&IN-5th Logic Play
Class #11 7th & IN-7th Logic Play
Class #12 7th & 5th logc Question  & Answer Play
Class #13 Using Binary ALPHA Mindset Play
Class #14 Train Your Brain Play
Week #4    
Class #15 Search your Trade & Trend Line Drawing Play
Class #16&17 Money Management Play
Week #5    
Class #18 Binary ALPHA Mindset & Goal For – 1 Million Play
Class #19 MW with Binary ALPHA Play
Class #20 Student Demo Update Review & Instruction Play
Week #6    
Class #21 Demo Account Review & Q/A Play
Class #22 Season 2 Demo Update Review HangOut – Part -1 Play
Class #23 Season 2 Demo Update Review HangOut – Part -2 Play
Week #7    
Class #24 How to trade Fake Push Play
Class #25 Season 2 Demo Update Review HangOut – Part -3 Play
Class #26 Fake Push Q&A Play
Week #8    
Class #27 Season 2 Demo Update Review HangOut – Part -4 Play
Class #28 Season 2 Demo Update Review HangOut – Part -5 Play
Class #29 Season 2 Demo Update Review HangOut – Part -6 Play
Week #9    
Class #30

Split Risk on 24hr Chart apply


Class #31

On Higher Time Frame Tips and Trick Q/A


Season 1

Season #1 Week #2  
Class #6 5th Logic and Momentum Play
Class #7 7th Logic and Market Maker Momentum Play
 Class #8  Advance 5th Logic in 7th Logic point Play
 Class #9  2min Expire, Fake Push, Alert Setup & more Play
 Class #10  Observation of Market, Long Trend- How to play safe Play
Week #3    
Class #11 Feature Move, 2 Min Problem, MM Development Play
Class #12 MWV-with-B.ALPHA,Easy Risk MM, impatience Play
Class #13 How to Search Opportunity Safely Play
Class #14 Keep Record Each Trade (WIN,Loss,Mistake) Play
Week #4    
Class #15 Proper Mind Set Play
Class #16 Trend Line for – Valid/Invalid & Expire time Play
Class #17 Gap Risk Management Play
Week #5    
Class #18 Misuse of trend line in Binary ALPHA Play
Class #19 Motivation & Rethink (Set Mind for Daily Trade) Play
Class #20 Split Risk Management Play
Class #21 Push in Mid or Be Safe Play
Week #6    
Class #22 Market Opening Day Problem Play
Class #23 Motivation & Rethink Play
Class #24 Proper Level & Flag Candle Play
Week #7    
Class #25 Spy on – Binary Broker Play
Class #26 Recovery Tips & Tricks Play
Class #27 Larger Time Frame analysis & Our feature Play
Week #8    
Class #28 Recap  Binary ALPHA – Part 1 Play
Class #29 Recap Binary ALPHA – Part 2 Play
Class #30 Recap Binary ALPHA – Part 3 Play
Class #31 Right Moment & Fight With Loss Play
Week #9    
Class #32 Recover the 4th loss with Split Risk M.M Play
Class #33 Live Commentary on Chart : Day -2 Play
Week #10    
Class #34 Live Commentary On Chart : Day -3 Play
Class #35 Live Commentary On Chart : Day -4 Play
Class #36 Motivation & Inspiration after 6 Week Demo Play
Week #11    
Class #37 Season #1 Student Problem & Solutions Gossip – Play
Class #38 Trader need proper rest & healthy food Play
Class #39 Higher time break down for accuracy in Logic’s Play
Class #40 Interview with Chake Luk & Conclusion of Season #1 Play


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37 thoughts on “KAZi Live Class Archive

  1. Hello Kazi,

    Happy new year.

    Im thrilled regarding your project for Orphan children, you are doing an amazing work and I would really want to be part of it by donating the above amount and more in future.

    I am interested to enroll for season 5, could you please guide me about the timing and structure?

    Thanks a lot,


  2. Kazi,

    I just tried to use my Skrill money transfer but I didn’t see any instructions. My PayPal is not authorized, and Neteller USA doesn’t allow money transfer.

    As there is no instruction, please let me know how I can use Skrill to sign-up for the Binary Alpha live class for 1/15/16.


  3. Hi
    Kazi this look like amazing. I’m your mastering binary alpha student and certainly would like to be part of your next live session. I’ve already register for life session and eagerly waiting to trade live with you.

    Kind Regards

  4. Hi kazi …Do i need to book my self for season 5 or not i have been watching from season 2 but never been in the class .. you know my reason ,so do i have to bee in youtub at 15 jan/2016 or you send me a link.. i don’t know please let me know please . wish you happy holiday.see you soon,bye for now

  5. Kazi..

    I was thrilled to read of your project for Orphan Education. I have been trading binary options and with no success. I believe that your system will help me get to where I want to be financially, so that I may start on a homelessness elimination project that I have been working on.
    With success in binary options through your system, I will finally be able to make my dreams come true!
    I would love to be a member of your live classes and become one of your students.

    Thank you and Namaste!

    Christine W.

  6. Hello Kazi,

    I have recently stumbled upon your Binary Alpha trading system. Although I believe this is more a divine intervention as I believe we all have a pre-determined path.

    What I like most about this system is you are also giving back to those who need and this is refreshing to see in this world of consumers.

    I would like to become a student and learn and master this amazing tool you have shared with us. Then help other people that need to be helped like my family and those I need.

    I would be honoured and humbled for you to teach me.

    Many thanks

  7. Hi Kazi, this is an amazing opportunity to be part of a community that both helps people with their personal goals and others in great need. I would love to be part of this amazing journey.

  8. I am so happy to share with the reader of this statement that I traded as a hobby since 1991, then tried to find a safe way to do Binary Trading for the last year an a half. During all those years I never found anyone with the true knowledge that Kazi has, let alone honesty. In the process I have lost considerable amounts of money by trusting dishonest brokers… until I found Kazi at the beginning of this year: In a nut shell, in his system I have found what I had been looking for during 24 years. At this point I am convinced that a person willing to put the time and effort to learn from Kazi, will succeed. The only thing is that you have to see that for yourself. I am glad I found and chose to be one of the students of this knowledgeable, honest and wonderful man!

    • Hey Elkin,

      I’m happy for you. I’ve tried doing online biz ops for years without any success and just been introduced to binary options last April. I thought I found the one opportunity I’ve been looking for but the reality is I had lost another significant amount of money chasing the “trading holy grail” (the majority of the losses is on my responsibility due to hope, greed, and fear). I’m glad that I have found Kazi’s BA method. At first, I thought this is another scam binary strategy but looking closely it’s not. I have registered for the Season 4 class and believe I can make it this time. One important aspect I must work on is improving my trading psychology and discipline. Wish all the best.


  9. Hi Kazi,
    Are there still open positions for the class in october …..?
    I watching already more than 2 days to your videos and website and I’m very interested in your system.

    Greetings Patrick,

  10. Hello Kazi

    i heard ab out your training programme from my friend and i got the link from him too. please i am very much interested and eager to be trained by you.

    please add me to the group and i want to also want to join your LIVE CLASS training program.

    i am sure some positive is waiting for me.

  11. Hi Kazi

    Well Done !!!

    The best binary option course and strategy.I learned a lot. I just become a member.I have done your course.I believe i have the confident to apply all 7 binary option alpha logic.

    I really like to acceped you invatation to join the live class and join the forum.

    Would you please ad me.

    Thanks a million
    Cornelius Frederick Snyman

  12. To tell the truth, I didn’t think this field would be not so difficult for me after having met KAZi and talked to him. he is a really nice person. i decided to become one of his lucky students right away, believing in his words and his beautiful tactics, strategies he was using in his videos. BinaryAlpha is the best way of making our challenging lives easier and happier. thank you, master, one more time. good luck to all of us! 😉

  13. Dear Kazi,
    I have 2 years Forex experience. After watching Kazi Basic Video, I immediately decided that Binary ALPHA is only right system for me. I deleted hundreds of Forex indicators from my computer.
    Of course 7 Logics can not describe full behavior of Forex. But this is OK, as behind these Logics are lot of Rules.
    I honestly believe, that Kazi had worked out best binary option system.

    Best Regards,

  14. I’m interested in your offer to become a student
    I have been trading for 4 years without success, lost all the money, your help will be appreciated if possible to be selected as a student
    Thank you very much
    Francisco Varinda.

  15. your logic is legit ans that template is awesome too i tried your logic it works well with small candle graph cause u get more calls and puts.your awesome guy helping orphange is the best thing to do in this world.i couldn’t join your programe cause i lost money and my parents told me to study.u r great guy u helped with logic your no one helps in world so cold.thanks again.

  16. Hi Kazi,

    I would like to learn your system and trade it as you mentioned above.
    I am also interested , it being part for a good cause.



  17. “Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can’t always understand them, but we have to trust in them. I know you want to question everything, but sometimes it pays to just have a little faith.” ― Lauren Kate, Torment

    KAZI Noor is that beautiful soul and his BinaryAlpha is that beautiful thing that has come into our lives. I am honoured and delighted to be part of the lifelong community of BA learners.

  18. Not a paid member yet but I would love to conclude that from the free videos I have watched on the Binaryalpha youtube channel, I can say I have never seen an accurate system like this. It is simple and precise. Kazi is patient and humble in delivering lectures.

  19. I’d like to learn from you Kazi…I have been trading for more than 3 years successfully and I have the dream of teaching others how to become financially free in Latin America. Thank you if you can count me in as part of your world team of traders.

  20. Thank you very much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the rest of us. I believe that you are a great guy with a heart for the poor and the less privileged. Your Classes have been very helpful. Once again thank you.

  21. KAZi,
    Thank you for taking the time to talk with me; I enjoyed our chat. I would be honored and humbled if you would take me on as one of your Alpha protégé’s in the up and coming 60 day training course. I spent the last thirty plus hours going over your Binary Alpha logic system and WOW… It has been a journey… Thank You for spreading your Alpha logic knowledge with the rest of us. As well, what a great cause you are supporting; I would be grateful to be part of your dream and Alpha team.

    Yours Truly,
    Michael Gardner

  22. I need 200 people who can trade Binary ALPHA system professionally, I will invest total : One Million Droller and per student will get $5000 for trade in real account. I will share the profit 50% per week and rest of 50% will be use for Orphan Children Education and Binary ALPHA education development.

    Also the Failure Student $5000 budget will go to a Qualify student so he will get 25% profit each week so he satay motivated and become a professional himself and get chance to trade with the budget when he is ready.

    So that’s why i am doing Live class every 3 month for 60 Market open day, in the class I teach how to become a professional Binary ALPHA trader. We pin point all the logic of Binary ALPHA basic to advance also we talk about proper market momentum, market maker action and grab them with logic.

    We take action to make each of our student a professional trader where we also talk about proper money management and a professional way to take care the risk management on spot by market behavior. We also take our time for each student, so they over come all the understanding and drill down to proper system.

    We also follow a live account growing form $45 to $1000 a month and same thing apply till $1 million. After each Season of our class successfully we use the money for our orphan children 50% and the reset we use our live class member live trading investment as there business, by the profit we use 50% to grow the knowledge of binary alpha and also the 50% for the trader himself.

    We are doing our best to grow a profitable Binary ALPHA trader community, if you want to become one of them then join our live class any time you want. To become a live class member contact with us!

    Best wish of all the learner of Binary ALPHA present and feature student!

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