60 Second Binary Options Trading : Mastering Binary ALPHA : Re-cape – Part -3

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Today was the last material class for Season #1 Recap – part -3. We have talk about the 7th logic 6th logic and (invalid) & D-Flag candle. For 60 Second Binary Options trading this is Binary ALPHA’s most important logic what can be apply against the market for profit.

It was short but very valuable for every member. I hope you will find this video and learning interesting and will use this in your daily trading.

in the next 30 day’s for Season #1 we will do live chart analyzing so my season #1 student will know how to take action confidently. Some time we are confident but just talk don’t take the trade even we know what will happen but after the result we say if i take the trade i will be the winner. So by next 30 day i will fix this issue in every ones mind so they take the trade in real and stay profited. Cos we need to take action and learn to fly , but its not good to sit on a brunch and say i can fly …..

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