7 Golden Logic by Binary ALPHA

Binary ALPHA is break down to 7 logic but some of the logic have invalid variation, but before that lets see what are the logic below :

= Look For a break KAZi HL Brake Line with trend

1. 3 Bonus – STOP or GO

2. After Break Recover in any end – STOP!

3. After 2 Bonus and Recover any end = STOP!

4. After 1 Bonus and Recover any end = STOP!

5 .Break Entry Break Deny Trend Change (if you go for put go for call in next candle / if you go for call go for put in next candle)  *Do not change trend after 3 candle

6. After 4th Level – No Recovery – Don’t try to Over Size recovery

7. Bounce Back Handel By Current Market Judgment!

Ok you might be thinking what is brake where to stop each. But don’t worry it will get clear soon!

So before i clear this all with Binary ALPHA logic i like you to understand that, this is not any martingale system Please. But yes its looks like so but its not. Binary ALPHA main power is logic and its very profitable for Binary Options business.

The system base on trading risk cycle in a potential trend grabbing technique what work 99% time. You must believe the system first if you do so it will give you the power and ability of a emotionless trader.

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