After 1 Bonus and recover any end = STOP! :Binary ALPHA Logic 4

1 Bonus Recover Key 4In this picture left you can see the main trend line is below the price min the trend is up. KAZi HL indication a Flag candle cross over. Very next candle entry is a winner 2nd candle is loss 3rd also loss and 4rth is tie but lets count loss and the 5th one is Recover and winner and by Key Number 4 recover any end we STOP.

so again you can see we start with $5 and win 3.5 as bonus but we take another trade in same direction 3rd candle with $5 and loss 4th with $10 and loss and 5th with $25 and loss and 6th with $100 and recover the cycle.

So we profit (3.5-(5+10+25)+70)=$33 and very easily we have control our emotion and in same direction and get away with the profit.

If you don’t follow the logic of Key Number 4 you can easily fail because of the market and loose money but as we have pre-programmed our mind we are winner.

this setup prove that you need strong psychology with logic this might seems like magic to others but we know the trick at this point right.

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