After 4th Level – No Recovery – Don’t try to Over Size recovery : Binary ALPHA Logic 6

4th Level - No recover - Key 6You must understand that a method can’t win all the time. But you also have to be discipline all the time also in your loss.

In this example the main trend blue line is over the price min down trend and the KAZi HL indication a candle cross over as Flag candle. So we take a put and in 1st entry with $5 loss and 2nd entry with $10 loss and 3rd entry with $25 loss and also the 4th entry with $100 end up with loss.

I understand that people’s mind get illogical when they lose money real money and try to over the trade and risk but Please Stop your horse!

Binary ALPHA is a logical system and be with the logic. this type of 4th level loss show very few so please don’t deny the system and make your own logic.

I have spent 2 years in this and i follow my own system like God so i am profitable today. I hope you will too.

But let me show you trick, did you see that the Flag candle is deny by 2 candle? so this mining that if you remember the Key Number 5 you can easily recover in the 3rd trade with $25 Right.

So Be with the logic of Binary ALPHA all the time to be 99% time winner. But if you fail to recall Key Number 5 please stop in your 4th loss.

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