After Break Recover in any end – STOP! : Binary ALPHA Logic 2

Recover in wrong end - key 2Remember if a break happen market like to fake people mind for a moment so in the first entry you might get fail even 2nd and 3rd and even 4rth some time.

But is you keep emotion less you will be a winner 99% time that is what I have experienced during the last couple of years in my real life trading.

So lets see how we can use the Key Number 2 by Binary ALPHA logic.

in the picture left as you can see the blue line is below the price min the trend is up, and KAZi HL Break and a Flag Candle cross over. Very next entry candle fail and next one too and 3rd one win. Remember the Flag candle is your power to hold you emotionless in this direction.

So if your account size is $1000 your first trade is $5 2nd $10 and 3rd $25. i will include a calculator and daily trade account file what will help you to track all of your trade.

So in this trade cycle you loss 5+10=15 and win $25 commission 70% (common in all broker for 60 sec) your profit $17.5 – $10= $2.5 and by Key Number 2 you Stop and happy!

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