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We offer educational packages that teach you profitable binary options trading strategies.  We also have indicators for sale that are extra tools to help you to trade both within the Binary Options and Forex markets. 

1. Mastering Binary ALPHA Starter         $97 Full On-Line Access 

This is our entry level education package.  Learn the first steps in the Binary ALPHA 7 logics trading strategies.  Includes an indicator package and access to on-line videos and to a Starter Skype Group. For more info, watch the Product Info Video above.               

2. Live Seasons   $397 Full On-Line Access                      

Our Live Seasons are our type of trading academy and is the absolute best education we offer!  Within these live classes, we take you from the very beginning of explaining what a Binary Option is all the way through understanding our Binary ALPHA 7 Logic trading strategy.  This is the strategy that made KAZi his first million $$ and is the foundation for all of the strategies we teach.  Along with the classes, we have live Q&A sessions so that you can get all of your questions answered.  We also record the sessions and post them up on the website for you to watch if you are unable to attend live.  We also give you a one week crash course on HeadBREAK, 2 months use of BlindFOLD along with 2 months free testing of Binary ALPHA AutoPILOT (BAAP) on demo and live accounts.  Full access to our Binary ALPHA 7 Logic indicators and a recording of the live season is included in this purchase. 

3. BlindFOLD         $97 a month & get HeadBREAK & AutoPILOT for FREE
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 Our 5 minute reversal trading strategy.  Includes full educational tutorials and indicators.  Our live testing and usage of this strategy has produced great results  Learn more on the BlindFOLD page under Premium.  Watch the first class for free

4. HeadBREAK         $97 a month & get BlindFOLD & AutoPILOT for FREE
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Our 5 minute momentum strategy.  Includes full educational tutorials and indicators. This is KAZi’s current go to strategy.  Learn more on the HeadBREAK page under Premium.     Watch the first class free.


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