BATA Registration

Thank you for your interest in registering for the promotion offer of BATA. Please subscribe to the 1 month promotional offer by paying $7 via the PayPal link below. As part of the 1 month promotional offer, you will get access to BATA educational videos and indicators. From 2nd month onward, regular subscription of BATA will be $97 a month that includes not only the BATA educational videos and indicators but also the educational videos and indicators of our two other successful binary options trading strategies, BlindFOLD and HeadBREAK.

If you have not yet Registered on our website, please do so here first: Register

If you live in the US or another country where GoMarkets does not accept you, then we do not have a solution for you right now to trade with BATA.  We hope to soon have other brokers for internationals, but because of U.S. regulations there are not any good options for US folks right now.

Once you have made the purchase, send us an email at with this information:

1. Your PayPal payment confirmation.
2. Your Name
3. GoMarkets demo account number. You can open a demo account with GoMarkets by downloading MT4 via this link  (Do not download Fxlite from this link). Please watch this video on on how to open a demo account via MT4. 
4. GoMarkets live account number (only if you wish to use BAAP on a live account during the promotional month). You need to open a live account with our recommend broker GoMarkets, using this link.
5. Your Skype ID; We will add you to a BATA Skype group where you can interact with other BATA users and also attend our workshops/webinars that are conducted from time to time.
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