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Below I am Going to explain the 7 Golden KEY of Binary ALPHA But Please Please & Please apply this at your DEMO first. Try to habit the system in your Mind and When you really understand the logic you will feel confident your self to apply it in Live Account without emotion.

And please Take my help in this Live. I love to see good profitable people in my Binary ALPHA community, i will do my best in this to help you!

You Will also get more detail in my “Mastering Binary ALPHA” Video tutorial and also in my live trading class.

So How it’s Work lets understand step by step

1 Intro ChartChart 1.0 : Introducing KAZi High Low Break Indication

Ok in Chart 1.0 you will see some read bold line this is called KAZi High Low Break indication, there is a bold blue line what is the main market trend line, if the market price are high then the line will be below the price and if the price is low the line will be above the price.

I have also mark the Break candle, min when a candle body cross the KAZi HL Break indication its a Flag. I hope you understand this point Right! So it was a up trend example, lets see a down trend example.

Down Trend Break

For a down trend as you can see the price below the Blue line and the break is valid in the green KAZi HL Break indication and the candle body cross over the green line what is Flag Candle.

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