Break Entry Break Deny Trend Change : Binary ALPHA Logic 5

Deny Break Key 5This one is one of the most successful Key in my book of Binary ALPHA logic what will save you from wrong end. in the picture left you will see the blue line below the price min market trend is UP. KAZi HL a candle cross over as our Flag candle. So we take our entry Call in very next candle and its a loos. But can you see that its deny the Flag candle break and also the KAZi HL indication.

So wait to do in this position? Remember that you must change your trend direction in very next candle min you will go for Put against Call, till 4th level of your risk recover and stop.

So in this example we lost the trade in 2nd candle for call what was start $5 then as we see the deny we go for a put in 3rd with $10 size and recover the cycle in profit with $2.5.

So you see that Binary ALPHA is ready to fight for you with logic 99% time. You just need to memorize each day this logic every morning to pre program your self.

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