Here at Binary ALPHA we strive to bring you the best possible strategies on trading, but also the best possible places to take your trades from.  In the past we did not connect with any brokers because our main goal was and still is to teach people how to trade consistently, patiently, and successfully.  However, now as a way to protect our indicators from theft and because of our personal healthy experiences with certain brokers, we are MT4 locking our indicators to Go Markets Australia and are giving a few IB links with brokers that we have come to trust.  Both the MT4 provider and the brokers we are introducing are highly regulated and from our personal experience with them, we feel they can be trusted.  

GoMarkets is an excellent MT4 provider and they have a great feed

For those of you who come from countries where Go Markets does not allow you to have a live account with them, we are working on a secondary solution for you all.  Stay tuned for more details.

The brokers listed below are ones that we have worked with and have had a good experience with ourselves. Remember that you still trade at your own risk and we still recommend that you DO NOT take a bonus or any “extras” from any of these brokers.



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