Claas#10:5th&IN-5th Logic

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In Binary ALPHA we start with a Proper Flag candle and we stay with the Flag direction but market have no mercy they will change their path and will trap you in wrong direction. But Binary ALPHA also know how to take care of this and come back to the path again.

5th Logic is the thing you need to know for this type of direction change. In today’s class i have try myself to explain the easy way to understand this. I have made my point clear that what exactly i see in a 5th logic and with trend link i have explain it properly.

I hope 88% people take it properly but i know that some student will have some problem with this but for them i like to say if you want to apply it then atlist 2 to 3 time go with logic you will see this thing work like magic …. its a key of success in 60 second Binary Options business.

If understand 5th logic properly with trend line or i will say if you learn to identify it properly  you will win this game most of the time very easily.

if you dont then dont push yourself cos Binary ALPHA have other eliment what can be help you later.

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