Class #14 : Keep Record Each Trade (WIN,Loss,Mistake), Safe Level : Binary ALPHA

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Today we have start the demo test of the student of 60 Day Live Class of Binary ALPHA, 60 second Binary ¬†Options Trading. By this test i will come to know the mentality of the student, who is week and who’s doing good. Its need lots of mind control in real life as a beginning trader when you want to grow a small account to a big level.

So for every trader of my class i like to say good luck to you all, dont rush! play with safe level only. Even if you get lost in cycle stay come talk with me and i will solve the problem. Dont push your self too much stay with the flow of you life and take the right decision in proper place with 60 second binary trading with proper Binary ALPHA logic as i show you in the class.

Dont think your self alone mistake can happen by any human, this the min part you need to learn, stay come and cool and give it time to reach your goal. If can do it in demo then you will be able to do it in Live too.

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