Class #18 : Misuse of trend line : Binary ALPHA

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Today’s Class was on Misuse of trend line in Binary ALPHA – 60 second profitable binary trading system. This class was a topic of our past class #16, after class #16 some student trying to take the advantage of trend line but in wrong way and misuse the system but in the end they get caught by the market because they don’t follow the Binary ALPHA trend line system.

So my work on the class was to warn my student what we should not do with trend line even if its look good. This is very important to apply the trend line to understand the 7th logic and 5th logic properly. So that we can take proper action  in our trading.

We have also update the $45 account and also review the student demo account and there progress this week and give proper instruction to balance proper mantel health for the market and reduce the greed, emotion & crazy thing our mind play with us.

I hope the class become help full for the current and upcoming student!

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