Class #21 : Push In Mid or Be Safe : Binary ALPHA

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When you are start with Binary ALPHA and not using all the power meaning you are trying to growing a account in small amount of investment, in beginning it will grow fast to some level and after in mind for long time you might fund your self that you are doing good but the account is not growing that way as the way you want.

Yes this happen to every trader and in this position if you are not using proper  mind set you will mass-up the condition and that way 60 Second Binary Option’s trade become risky. Its not the problem with the system its problem in your mind. So by my experience i have a solution for this and its called Push in Mind or Be Safe.

So in today’s class i have talked about the issue and also give the solution in my way as they way i face that in reality before and i cool down my self with the problem.

Basically its not a problem in 60 Second Trading or in the method or you can say strategy, it’s a problem with our mind, we want more and more when we are in a good account level, its the greed but greed is good if you know how to get the greed in safe way.

I hope my this class will help the trader that way, you may not understand the problem now but very soon in your real life trading.

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