Class 27: Season 2 Demo Update Review HangOut – Part -4

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As i say before its getting better and better in every hang out on Season #2 but i am facing only one problem that i want to more interact with my new kids on the block i min my student but some student still dont understand how to use the webner software properly, i min when to mute the mick and when to turn on, some people also have so much background voice or sound what make me crazy all the time.

Any way i have the control to mute all mike and i talk all the class but dont fill the thrill of student question attack, any way  i have very happy to know that all are liking my class and dont get sleep, they are saying that this is really helping them out in there Binary Options trading every day.

Yes i am happy to share my info and i have so so happy to see there improvement day by day!


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