Class #38 : Trader need Proper Rest & Health Food

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Today’s class was all about trader health, bcoz we think that we are robot or something but this is not true what ever your skill is you will make mistake if you dont take care your health cos health is wealth.

We sometime forget about this a go mad and all day long we search for potential spot in the chart and we forget to drink proper water mineral and also some time we dont like to eat, this will happen to every one.

There was a time i have find my self very wrong way i give up eating and taking water in proper time and i find my self a dry brain and if any one come close to me i fill very bad even i dont want to talk with any one and my only mission and vision is to do trade. But i was totally wrong then. I find my self that if i win 90% but i made mistake very badly and i get very angry on my self.

But when i start doing proper rest proper drink water time to time and 2hrs gap eating something, i find that i am getting cool and taking my trade like peace of cake. Now a days i stay that way all the time, i do my prayer in time, i take proper rest i drink lots of water and also in 2hr i eat something. One thing i dont eat any dry food…..

I really fill the change now in my trading carrier, so i hope if you are following my system and education you should also do this thing…. bcoz i think as a professional Binary Options trader i follow some basic natural rules for my life and its really help.

So hope you must see today’s video and do the thing in your own life to, i hope you will see the change in your trading soon.

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