Class #5: Motivation & Steps to Learn Day 1&2 3&4 5

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Today i have talk about the trader Motivation is a selfish way, cos in today’s class from the beginning i was getting some problem with the Live conference  bcos some of my sweet student still don’t know how to use the conference software properly so they are login and logout in the mid of the conferance so its was very annoying and the other feeling very bad or having problem in the class …. But i say myself that i am a professional trader so i will not quite and that’s show a real life example of Motivation.

Also the $45 account i am doing to 1 Million i show exactly what i am doing and how i motivate myself in real. So that was was a good way to show … I say motivate yourself form your own hard work this will hepl you in the long run.

BCos this is so important for a Binary Option trader to stay that way all the time, stay calm in any type of problem cos like happiness problem will also go… And remember problem come to get solve not in a crazy way …. must in a proper way … and we no the way already but we need to give it proper time …

So its better to work step by step and its help a big goal all the time!

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