Mastering Binary ALPHA Starter

Mastering Binary ALPHA Starter
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Welcome to Mastering Binary ALPHA Starter.  This course is designed as a Starter course to help you take a step into understanding what our Binary ALPHA 7 logic strategy is all about.  This is just a first step and is only designed as so.  To learn our strategy in the most complete and full way, then join us for one of our live Season trading academies here: Season 9

1.Introduction of Binary ALPHA                                                                  = Play
2.Introduction of Indicator                                                                              = Play
3.Trend & Flag Candle                                                                                         = Play
4.Money Management                                                                                       = Play Calculator Download
5.Introduction to 7 Logic                                                                                   = Play
6.Logic #1                                                                                                                   = Play Members Only
7.Logic #2                                                                                                                   = Play Members Only
8.Logic #3                                                                                                                   = Play Members Only
9.Logic #4                                                                                                                   = Play Members Only
10.Logic #5                                                                                                                = Play Members Only
> Logic #5 Variations 1                                                                                       = Play Members Only
> Logic #5 Variations 2                                                                                       = Play Members Only
11.Logic #6                                                                                                                = Play Members Only
12.Logic #7                                                                                                                = Play Members Only
> Logic #7 Variations 1                                                                                       = Play Members Only
> Logic #7 Variations 2                                                                                       = Play Members Only
13.Binary ALPHA Safe Level                                                                          = Play Members Only

 -Advance Section-

14.Pin is a big NO                                                                                                = Play
15. D-Flag                                                                                                                = Play Members Only
16. IN 7th Logic                                                                                                    = Play Members Only
17. IN 5th Logic                                                                                                    = Play Members Only
18. 7th Logic+Fake Push Entry                                                                   = Play Members Only
19. R&D Each Day                                                                                              = Play Members Only
20. How to Trade 5/10 Binary ALPHA                                                   = Play Members Only
Watch The Live Account Update ——————————–=[PLAN Chart]
($45 account and Grow $1000 a month)-($45 account and Make 1 Million – Challenge)

21. Crash of all logic in easy way                                                               = Play Members Only
22. Preparation For Live Account                                                            = Play
Bonus Class form Season #1
Class #28           Recap  Binary ALPHA – Part 1                                              – Play
Class #29           Recap Binary ALPHA – Part 2                                               – Play
Class #30           Recap Binary ALPHA – Part 3                                               – Play
Class #31           Right Moment & Fight With Loss                                        – Play

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Binary options trading may not be suitable for all investors as it involves high levels of risks that may lead to loss of all invested capital. Before deciding to trade binary options with any of the Binary ALPHA strategies or indicators or expert advisers or autotrader or autopilot, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. There is a possibility that you may lose part or all of your initial investment and therefore we recommend you not to invest money that you can’t afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with Binary Options trading. 

Any information, tools, indicators, expert advisers, education materials, videos, strategies contained on this website and/or shared via different Skype groups or webinars is provided as a guideline and does not constitute investment advice nor does it constitute a guarantee of success in binary options trading. Binary ALPHA will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from the use of or reliance on such information.

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26 thoughts on “Mastering Binary ALPHA Starter

  1. First let me say Kazi your the man. I just started using Mastering Binary Alfa still Demoing It out works so good I feel I can go live already and take all the markets money. Thank you for showing me how to trade I have been looking for a trading strategy for along time lost lots of money on my search now I found you strategy and it’s killer I now feel confident when I place a trade I don’t worry about loosing with the logic “there is nothing to fear but fear it’s self”thank you again. future co trader

    God Bless
    Mikey B

    • Hi Debdipta,thanks for looking around our site. We don’t promote any broker through our site and so you are able to choose a broker of your choice and then go by their requirements. The amount needed would depend on the size of your trade that you are prepared to use. If you decide to use the $5, 10, 25, 100 method, then you should try to set up an account of $1000. If you decide that you want to use $1, 3, 6, 15, then you can deposit $200. Having stated all that, the most important thing is to find a broker that will allow you to trade on the site with a demo account…we don’t recommend anyone starts placing live trades until they are able to grow the demo account by double the starting amount.

  2. The past have some great loses and happy to read the review and have at least this honest place called the Binary Alpha Keen to join

  3. Greetings Kaziji.

    Thank You. If that is the first and last thing in this message, thank You. Gratitude for all of what You do and for who You chose to be. I could use more words in all of this. I will instead be simple and sincere.

    Like You, I wish to contribute to my community and the world. A nice example is the “Free hugs Edmonton” group on FaceBook that I host. Another example is that Dr.Lloyd Vincent of Renalyx (exciting India company!) actually stayed in my home when he was in Canada. I would like to leverage a little more income to make a much bigger impact. I have a crowd-funding charity as well as a non-profit and a few other ways I am contributing.

    I have been studying your system and videos. I see and know its power. I also know my ability to use it is not complete and I must study and learn the parts I am currently unable to access. It is my intention to pay for that access.

    This past few months has diminished my ability to pay for the whole course all at once. I humbly ask if there is a way I can make regular payments instead of one big sum. There are reasons for this (I am a new parent for one) but they are less important.

    I can promise You I am dedicated to become one of your best pupils. I am a graduate with Honours in Neuroscience so I have a good mind, and I have a humble and loving Heart. I would be honoured to earn my place in your community and to give to those who need.

    I know tomorrow is the deadline for the next class. I hope I may join You there.

    Michael Cherrington.

  4. Hello Kazi

    My journey on the Binary Alpha has started and thanks for sharing , and teaching us.
    I have just yesterday sent my 60 day live class donation, and looking forward to learn and master the logic

    BR /Kaj

  5. Dear Kazi, i am a new binary alpha follower and i made a mistake of doing live trade. I made money but lost a lot. Ian sorry i didn’t follow your direction of doing dummy trades. I want to request for exhaustive videos on all scenarios of trend change after flag candle. I am confident of your method and I want to join live class. please can you guide me whether to go for one on one first or live class. together in spirit. dev

  6. Hi Kazi
    I’m keen on following your binary alpha training courses. I’m a bit confused if its better to download and watch your training videos or follow the training course. Please let me know.
    If so, could you please send me all the details on how I could go about registering for the course.

  7. i just want to say Thank you to KAZI not only one-time but thousands of time, we all try so many things and we all lost so much money and hope but God create a man named Kazi , he create system that really works. But he doesn’t keep for himself , he has a kind heart thats why he share his rules and his system to us. and what ever he charged for his system he doesn’t keep for himself , he help the Orphan children for their education. once again Thank you Kazi.

  8. Dear Jack,
    Thank you for your email, I am already a Binary Alpha family member season 3 I hold the same view about Kazi and Binary Alpha.
    Thanks & Regards

  9. Kazi, I have not seen your live class yet.But I have seen your free video on your site and on youtube.Also free lessons on your site.So far I have lost so much Dollars in the market and I had no any confidence to trade.But after seeing your system and how you handle the trades I can say this is the most logical and accuracy system that I have seen ever.Trust me, I have never used your system in my trading life.But without using it and just only seeing it I would like to trust your system like the GOD if I say it in your word.In very near future I will join with you.Please don’t care about the grammar mistakes ’cause I’m not good in English.

  10. Kazi is the real deal. He is brilliant yet very humble & approachable. He could have chosen to keep this information to himself but he has chosen to share it. He could have chosen to charge 1000’s of dollars like many other gurus out there. But he didn’t. Do give the information that he is sharing a “shot” and sign up for the live classes. One of my best decisions I made in my life. I will not say that I have made my millions like Kazi. But with Kazi’s system I am confident that I will make it.

  11. Dear Kazi,
    I am your new student of Season 2. I had been following trades such as Forex and Binaries but with no hope, I had been scammed several times with very promising what so called Robots that can make you rich, lost quite a lot of money (my saving) and I am in the middle of learning to trade in Forex markets but still not feel confident in myself and when I found your site and reads and watch your video then I feel this is the way to trade. I hope I can learn a lot from you, I know I am not actively involved in your hangouts our asking question in your class (as I am not that talkative type of person but I am a good listener…..)but believe me I take it seriously by trying to understand your videos as much as I can.

  12. (1) Firstly, for those who are thinking that this may be a scam, please go thru the website and read the free e-book and videos before you decide. I have never turned back since.
    (2) Secondly, not only did I benefit from the systems/strategies that work, but I feel a greater confidence level and stronger belief that I would actually really succeed, finally. (I was still not sure from the past 7 months of hard work and studying from others.)
    Lastly, by joining Binary Alpha, you will gain a true friend/mentor who has a big heart and who genuinely wants you to succeed; plus the ‘classmates’.
    Believe it, and take action! I am looking forward to my financial freedom very soon.

  13. So I started trying binary options in May of 2014 and since then I’ve lost a lot of money. I’m currently trading with a demo account with Binary Alpha and It’s by far the easiest and most profitable system I’ve ever used. Thanks Man!

  14. There are two kinds of teachers: the kind that fill you with so much quail shot that you can’t move, and the kind that just gives you a little prod behind and you jump to the skies…
    before Kazi my mind filled with a lot of useless by day I checked the strategies about binary options.I was confused . I was tired. …
    Kazi was like a fire in darkness.He gave me power of achieving my dreams.
    thank god for Kazi.

  15. After having tried so many strategies , i found the best and the most interesting one. At first i had my doubts, but after having tried the strategy on a demo account and in just one week i found it very profitable and powerful. The strategy is not hard to understand and KAZI is a nice guy, he explains the strategy step by step in his video lessons and he gives a lot of tips to make winning trades. Now i can say that Binary ALPHA is a REAL profitable trading strategy.
    Thank you KAZI.

  16. There is a something very precious here. You can confirm me just by a little effort. This is actually my own experience when I read Binary-Alpha EBook at first time. After 2 and half years’ experience of trading in Forex ,US Shares and Binary options and spending a lot of time and money for research and study , I can declare confidently that Binary-Alpha is the most accurate and profitable strategy that I have ever seen.
    Now, not only I use a very very profitable strategy but also I have a very kind, caring and good friend. His name is Kazi Noor inventor of Binary-Alpha.

  17. I’ve looked at many Binary Option “systems” but they are always very vague or simply do not work. The training provided by KAZi is excellent. He ensures you fully understand each concept before you move on to the next stage. Although I am still using a demo account I have already recovered the loses I made before using BINARY ALPHA. I really think in a short time I will become a professional trader….thanks to KAZi and BINARY ALPHA

  18. To be honest I never thought trading Binary-options would be my thing. I watched a few hundreds of the videos posted on YouTube about trading binary options and thought I’d try this out, but I have never cross something extra ordinary like BINARY-ALPHA. Previously I have loose thousands of $$$ by using some crap strategies and systems for binary options, but after coming across to the BINARY ALPHA 1 thing is sure that from now onward I will never loose my money and in fact I can recover my loosing money very soon by following the instruction of MR Kazi Noor. I had a lot of hope but very little knowledge of the field. Now I can say I truly understand the moves of Binary Options on a deep level . Thanks a lot to BINARY ALPHA!

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