The Platinum Club for Binary ALPHA is created for professional traders that trade their own funds as part of a professional team.

First of all, the membership is FREE, Second, the club is by invitation only, Third, KAZi will trade with you when he sees setups during his trading sessions. (exclusive Skype group)

  • Here the benefits and conditions:
    KAZi will provide you with trading tips and advice
    KAZi will contact the group whilst he is taking trades
    KAZi will explain his setups using Binary ALPHA, HeadBREAK and BlindFOLD
    KAZi will give some of you access to the BAT ( trading interface) to execute one or more trades. This is a powerful tool but should only be used by experienced profitable traders. We decide when and who can use this and we are still adding features to it.
    KAZi will assist you with trading for 3 months and review your membership at his discretion every quarter (end of March, June, September, December)
  • Requirement to become Platinum Member :
    YOU must be a member of HeadBREAK or Blindfold. ( if you are a member already, this is not necessary)
    YOU must register and fund an account with 24Options using our IB link (click here)
    YOU must fund the account with a minimum of 50’000 USD
    YOU must be prepared to invest about 20 hours into trading per week
    YOU should try to attend our quarterly meetings (2-3 days live in Bangkok)
    YOU must return 20% of profits to KAZi each quarter.
    YOU may have joint accounts (more than one owner) but only one person is the nominated member within the club.

During our quarterly gathering, Larry will train you on all the features of the BAT including the indicators for both premium products. This is very important as technology is a major success factor in this business.

BAT Explanation: The BAT is an acronym for Binary Alpha Trader.  It is our in-house trading platform optimised for us for our trading styles for our traders. It is not for sale and will only be given to people that have the technical skill and trading ability.

Please note that 24Options does not allow residents of the following countries or regions to open accounts. There is nothing that we can do about this.


       British Colombia


       Virgin Islands

        Puerto Rico

        American Samoa





       North Korea