Skype Group Rules & Guidelines


Aim of BA Skype Groups: To discuss and share Binary ALPHA education and experience


  1. Be appropriate and stay on the topic of Binary ALPHA education and experience.
  2. Be positive and optimistic.
  3. Respect other members of the community.
  4. Post your comments, opinions and ideas in a constructive and respectful way.
  5. Read comment history before asking questions that may have already been answered.
  6. Discuss with your groupmates, mentors/monitors and other seniors before asking Kazi.
  7. Immediately remove any post that the group moderator asks you to remove. If you have a question or concern about a decision, please private message the group moderator or drop an email to
  8. Have fun, make friends and contribute to the development of Binary ALPHA community.
  9. Please report inappropriate posts by sending a private message to the group moderator.
  10. Please check back on the Do’s and Dont’s as these rules will evolve to meet the needs of our constantly changing Binary ALPHA community.


  1. Please do not add anyone else in the chat room unless you are authorized to do so.
  2. Please do not share any Binary ALPHA indicators with each other within or outside the community. Each person within the Binary ALPHA community is at a different eligibility level. Eligible members should download these indicators directly from the Binary ALPHA web site.
  3. Please do not share any indecent images or posts.
  4. Please do not insult or be abusive or rude to others.
  5. Please do not discuss your personal life in the chat room.
  6. Please do not spam the chat room. Spam includes but is not limited to commercial posts such as promotion of third party products or services, petitions, non-English posts, posts containing all-caps etc.
  7. Please do not spread negativity or pessimism in the chat rooms. Posts that are only negative rants against Binary ALPHA or against an individual will not be tolerated. This is likely to inflame the community and incites more flaming and abusive posts. Any complaints should be sent to
  8. Please do not try and provoke anyone into a fight. This includes posting condescending remarks or following people and replying to them to fuel a rivalry or continuing a discussion after it has gone downhill.
  9. Do not engage users who are trolling and instead report it. Remember, if someone else is breaking rules, it does not permit more rule breaking. Defending yourself isn’t an excuse.
  10. Do not post comments that are discriminatory in nature. This includes posts that incite discrimination, hate or violence towards a person or a group because of their belonging to a particular gender, color, sexual orientation, race, religion or nation or that insults the victims of crimes against humanity by contesting the existence of those crimes.

DISCIPLINARY ACTION: In case of inappropriate behavior or posts by any member, following action will be taken:

  1. The concerned person will be asked to remove any inappropriate messages/posts from the chat room. He/she will be banned for 24 hours from making any further comments in the chat room.  
  2. If the concerned person does not remove the inappropriate messages/posts from the chat room and/or continues to post inappropriate messages or comments, then the offending person will be subject to temporary or permanent ban and/or expulsion from the community depending on the offense.
  3. We reserve the right to remove anyone from our Skype groups at any time if that person shares information about our competitors either in our Skype groups or in private message to any of our subscribers.
  4. We reserve the right to remove anyone from a Skype group at any time if we deem their behavior detrimental to the learning environment.
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