VPS-Windows-Mac Users

As MT4 is a Windows based charting program, we highly suggest that you run MT4 with our indicators on a Windows platform.  If you are using a Mac/Apple computer or if you want to have computer that never shuts off, the best way to do this in the most clean way is to run it on a VPS Server.

Why choose a VPS?
1. Blazing fast internet speeds up to 1Gbps
2. You can have one computer dedicated just for trading
3. You can have a computer that never shuts off
4. MT4 is Windows based and works much better on a VPS Windows server

Register here:

Click on Pricing at the top of the website, then select the $20 per month VPS.  You will get a 14 day free trial!  When you go into sign up, you will get the option of which operating system you want.  You can select the Forex VPS with Windows Server 2012.  This will be $25 per month total and should be enough run up to 3 MT4’s.  If you have any questions, you can always email us at support@binaryalpha.org


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